THC Remediation / Removal Services

Honey Gold Processing is one of the few high capacity labs in the country to offer THC removal services to outside parties. We take in "hot" distillate (2% to 4% THC) and through chromatography, we remove the THC and return the THC free distillate as a service. Our fee for service model is charged per input liter.


Our Process

For production planning, we ask that you notify us at least 20 days in advance with the amount of "hot" distillate that you would like to have THC removed. Most customers remediate between 50 liters and 500 liters at a time.

Next, you must transport the distillate to our lab in Boulder Colorado. We have a 3rd party licensed and bonded private shipper that we can put you in touch with if needed.

Our chemistists will use reverse phase chromatography to remove the THC from your product. We will then evaporate the solvent and water from the material. At this time we will send a sample to a licensed 3rd party lab for a COA. Payment is due before taking posession of the THC free distillate.

How To Order

For pricing, and ordering, please contact us. We accept payment via or via wire transfer. For shipping, we offer 3 to 5 day ground, 3 day, or overnight shipping. Buyer pays for optional escrow fees and shipping.